What could you be doing
if you weren't watching TV?

“I can’t believe how much
time we used to spend on
TV and after all those hours accomplished nothing.”

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information & help limiting TV.

Want your family to watch less TV?

“We’ve finally found something that works for our family. It's so simple.”

“The time we’ve found – I would never have believed it.”

Too Much TV?
Limit TV viewing with TV Timer, the
Tool that enforces the limits you set.

It's Simple. Start the timer.
When time is up, the cable
or antenna automatically
shuts off until the next day.

How it works...
  1. Plug the TV Timer in between the cable
    and your TV.
  2. To watch TV, press "Start" and the cable connects.
  3. After the timer expires, the TV Timer
    automatically disconnects.
- You choose how long is appropriate:
30 or 60 minutes of viewing and
either 6 or 12 hours between.
P.S. Unlike similar products, TV Timer leaves the power alone so TV channels & VCR clocks stay programmed...

Introductory Offer - Only $29.95+S/H

For more Help Limiting TV, visit LimitTV.org"Helping Children Responsibly Watch TV"Help make TV less a focus in the homeTV Industry's Voluntary rating systemTV Turn-Off Network. Or please Contact Us: info@tv-timer.com
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